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Personal websites

Website Who What
deanattali.com Dean Attali Creator of Beautiful Jekyll
derekogle.com Derek Ogle Fisheries & Stats Professor / R Enthusiast
chauff.github.io Claudia Hauff Web Information Systems Professor
kootenpv.github.io Pascal van Kooten Data Scientist
anudit.in Anudit Verma Engineering student
ocram85.com Marco Blessing Personal blog about PowerShell and automation
jbencook.com Ben Cook Data-intensive and scientific computing

Project/company websites

Website Description
AttaliTech Ltd My professional consulting website
R Epidemics Consortium R Epidemics Consortium
Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium
dDocent RADSeq Bioinformatics and Beyond
Guitar Lessons Free online guitar lessons for all
Terremoto Centro Italia Information about the 2016 Italy earthquake
SpellBot A Discord bot for SpellTable