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Version 5.0.0 (2020-09-15)

One of the major changes in this version is that a lot of time was spent on rethinking the entire SEO and social media sharing model (how a page looks on eg. Google, Twitter, Facebok). It was redesigned to be more simple and customizable. The new documentation has a section dedicated to SEO and social media sharing of a page. Unfortunately some changes that are not backwards-compatible had to be made.

Breaking changes

  • Renamed description YAML parameter to share-description to be more clear
  • Renamed description config setting to rss-description since it was only used in RSS (the FAQ explains the difference between YAML parameters and config settings if you’re confused)
  • Removed YAML parameter use-site-title (you can now specify the exact title using share-title)
  • Removed undocumented YAML parameters meta-title and meta-description
  • Removed link-tags config setting because it wasn’t necessary. If you use tags, there will now always be a tags page created; if you don’t use tags there won’t be a tags page.
  • The YAML parameter show-avatar is now true by default. This has always been the case for GitHub Pages users, but not for remote_theme users. For consistency, it’s now the default for everyone. (#715)

New parameters and settings

  • Added full-width YAML parameter to allow having full-width pages
  • Added feed_show_excerpt config setting to show/hide the post excerpts on the feed page
  • Added feed_show_tags config setting to show/hide the list of tags on post previews on the feed page
  • Added share-title YAML parameter to give control over the search engine/social media title
  • Added last-updated YAML parameter to show a “Last Updated on” date for blog posts
  • Added before-content and after-content YAML parameters that allow you to add some common HTML before the main content of a page (below the title) or after the main content (above the footer). Works in a similar way to footer-extra.
  • Added head-extra YAML parameter which is similar to footer-extra but is used to include custom HTML code in a page’s <head> tag
  • Added site-js config setting to provide JavaScript files that are used on all pages in the site

New features and improvements

  • Improved the footer-extra YAML parameter to support multiple files instead of only a single file
  • Added automatic navbar color detection (#702)
  • When nav-short is turned on, the avatar will also be shorter
  • Changed navbar and footer background colour to be slightly darker, for better contrast with the default white page background for accessibility reasons
  • Changed the behaviour of site-css to include site-wide CSS file before instead of after page-specific files
  • Renamed internal css/js files from “main” to “beautifuljekyll” to make it easier for users to troubleshoot
  • Added alt text to all images for better accessibility
  • Made thumbnail images square instead of circles, as users reported that circles cut off important parts of images

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rendering issues with nav-short parameter that caused the body of the page to start too low
  • Fixed some CSS styles that broke during the bootstrap 4 migration (#716)

Library upgrades

  • Upgraded kramdown to version 2.3.0 to fix security issues
  • Upgraded jQuery to version 3.5.1 to fix a couple security vulnerabilities with the previous version

Version 4.1.0 (2020-08-08)

  • Add Open Graph site_name meta field to pages automatically
  • Add text-col config setting for main text color (#694)
  • Add keywords config setting to set the meta keywords on all pages (for SEO purposes) (#691)
  • Add mobile-theme-col config setting to allow a mobile theme colour (#692)
  • Add site-css config setting in the config file to provide CSS files that are used on all pages in the site (#695)
  • Add YAML option description: creates the meta description on a page, intended to provide a brief description of the page for search engines and when the page is shared (#690)

Version 4.0.1 (2020-07-13)

  • Fixed staticman comments UI that was broken since the migration to bootstrap 4

Version 4.0.0 (2020-07-12)

  • BREAKING CHANGE Replace image YAML parameter with thumbnail-img to be more clear
  • MAJOR BEHAVIOUR CHANGE Don’t use the thumbnail as the avatar image
  • Cover image will automatically be used as thumbnail if none is provided
  • Image to share on social media will use the cover image or thumbnail if none is provided
  • All images (social media share, thumbnail, cover) can use either relative or absoluate paths.
  • Fixed issue where if a dropdown menu was the last item in the menu bar, it did not have a proper margin on the right
  • Add social network links: Mastodon (#646), Google Scholar, ORCID (#670)
  • Add support for sharing pages on new social network: VK (#657)
  • Use Open Graph type ‘article’ for blog posts (#669)
  • Use Twitter’s large sumary card (large image) when there is a cover image, thumbnail image, or share image specified (#668)
  • Make post images in the feed page smaller on smaller devices
  • Fixed jQuery version in staticman (#671)

Version 3.0.0 (2020-05-07)

  • BREAKING CHANGE Upgraded from Bootstrap 3.3.2 to 4.4.1. This involved a major rewrite of most components. This shouldn’t affect any users unless you have custom HTML/CSS code which the new Bootstrap could have broken.
  • BREAKING CHANGE Renamed bigimg YAML parameter to cover-img
  • BREAKING CHANGE Removed googlefonts YAML parameter since googlefonts are just CSS so they can be loaded via ext-css
  • BREAKING CHANGE Upgraded from jQuery 1.11.2 to 3.4.2. This should not affect most people
  • Added navbar-border-col setting in the config file
  • Add accessibility features where possible
  • Made the theme completely responsive by rewriting all CSS to use ‘rem’ instead of ‘px’
  • Rewrite and simplify some JavaScript code to use CSS or Bootstrap alternatives that weren’t available in 2015
  • Remove most of the sample posts so that users only have two sample posts to learn from
  • Improvements to the README instructions

v2.3.0 (2020-04-29)

  • Add YAML option footer-extra for including custom content in the footer
  • Fix issue: linking to a specific part of a page resulted in scrolling too far (#69)
  • Add YAML option nav-short to have navbar permanently collapsed
  • Add social network link: Calendly
  • Fix bug where RSS link in footer was showing even when turned off

v2.2.0 (2020-04-27)

  • Add social network link: Telegram (#625) (thanks @mashed-potatoes)
  • Moved the demo site to an independent URL: https://beautifuljekyll.com
  • Major documentation overhaul and cleanup of old files
  • Fix a few bugs from the remote_theme migration

v2.0.0 (2020-04-26)

  • Beautiful-Jekyll v2.0.0 available as an official Ruby gem
  • Beautifull-Jekyll now supports the remote_theme config (#339) (thanks @gpotter2 and @skalee)
  • Consolidated the demo site, the ruby gem, and the master branch into one
  • Added a home layout and used it in the index page
  • Added readtime support for the post header (#622) (thanks @MutMatt and @rubyreads)
  • Removed the dependency on _data folder since it doesn’t get copied when using remote_theme (#614)
  • Added support for configuring lang attribute on html tag (#608) (thanks @skalee)
  • Added ability to disable round logo (thanks @gpotter2)
  • Added support for Utterances comments (#596) (thanks @colynn)
  • Removed ‘just-comments’ as it’s getting killed at the end of the year
  • Upgraded font-awesome to 5.12.1 (#587) (thanks @cketti)

Prior to 2020

2018-12-24 Add support for Staticman comments (#440) (thanks @VincentTam)

2018-10-19 Move Google Analytics to the head (#419) (thanks @jpvicari)

2018-06-08 Add support for Facebook comments (#350) (thanks @npes87184)

2018-02-22 Automatically generate sitemap (#323) (thanks @JosemyDuarte)

2018-01-18 Add clickable tags to each post and a tags index page, works for GitHub sites (#307) (thanks @OCram85)

2018-01-14 Redo Dockerfile (#302) (thanks @jennydaman)

2018-01-06 More color personalization options (#297 and #299) (thanks @jennydaman)

2018-01-05 Abstract the social networks logic (thanks @OCram85)

2018-01-03 Avatar image no longer causes a ghost click (thanks @alefi87)

2017-10-16 Add GitHub buttons to posts (#265) (thanks @yonicd)

2017-09-04 Ability to change colour/image of navbar/footer/body

2017-08-17 Add support for notification, error, and warning boxes in markdown (#227) (thanks @OCram85)

2017-08-12 Add social buttons for twitch, yelp, and steam (#234) (thanks @TheRealBenForce)

2017-03-30 Make the footer contact links friendly for screen readers (thanks @eugenius1)

2017-03-30 Started a CHANGELOG file (thanks @eugenius1)

2017-01-28 Add Subresource Integrity (SRI) support (#164) (thanks @tony-ho)

2017-01-09 Add Google Tag Manager Integration (#157) (thanks @csarigoz)

2017-01-06 Add options to configure HTML document title (#154) (thanks @tony-ho)

2016-12-25 Allow dynamic images on each blog post (#143) (thanks @bbritten)

2016-12-15 Support title-img config param to have image in the navbar instead of text

2016-12-08 Add support for phone numbers in footer; fix #136

2016-12-06 Update gemfile (#134) (thanks @stephentuso)

2016-10-09 Add Docker deployment (#114) (thanks @mangar)

2016-08-06 Add social share buttons for posts (thanks @rtlee9)

2016-07-29 Add CSS styling to code chunks

2016-07-27 Add clickable tags that lead to a tag page (doesn’t work for GitHub hosted sites) (thanks @epwalsh)

2016-07-21 Add support for twitter cards (sharing on Twitter will be better); fixes #70

2016-03-18 Support full-width images in page headers; fixes #37

2016-03-18 Support menus in navigation bar

2016-02-07 Avatar is now conditional (thanks @hristoyankov)

2016-02-02 Migrate (forced to…) to jekyll 3

2016-01-22 Make sure not to include JQuery twice, fixes #29

2015-11-19 Support external links in navigation bar; fixes #3

… Many small changes because the site was in its infancy

2015-03-12 Beautiful Jekyll version 0.0000001 is released!